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On this site you'll find stories and images collected from people living in north Sheffield. They paint a picture of an area, but more importantly, they will give you a privileged insight into the personal recollections and private passions that shape us - from making a living to falling in love, from bringing up a family to nights out on the town.

The stories range from the 1920s to the present day. Parson Cross, Southey, Shirecliffe and Foxhill are the main areas represented.

Click on the images to read and listen to people's memories and opinions about life today.

Or why not submit your own personal memory to the Memory Tree?

Click on this image of a leaf to go to the Memory Tree. It contains people's photographs and accounts representing their most special memories. You can even add your own! Click on this image of a liquorice allsort to read the personal stories of people from north Sheffield. Click on this portrait to go to the 'Voices of Experience' pages where you can listen to people talking about their memories. Click on this image of the car to read more about young people's views about life.
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